The SACDOT Trees and Landscape Maintenance Section has primary County-wide responsibility for maintaining trees and vegetation within the road right-of-way in the unincorporated area.

The Sections' focus is public safety while promoting aesthetically pleasing and healthy landscaped areas. This maintenance includes County owned roadway frontages and medians, pedestrian walkways, soundwalls, bike lanes, and overpasses.

The Section's maintenance efforts do not include illegal encroachments of trees and vegetation growing upon private property, landscaped areas maintained through County contracts, areas maintained by the State of California Department of Transportation(Caltrans), any trimming for electric or other utilities, or areas within the city boundaries of Sacramento, Isleton, Galt, Folsom, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova. See below on how to contact the appropriate municipality concerning trees and vegetation.

Encroachment violations in Sacramento County include trees and shrubbery growing upon private property encroaching lower than 13.5 feet over the roadway or obstructing the visibility of an intersection or a traffic control device, such as a stop sign. The SACDOT Right-of-Way Management Section works with property owners to correct these violations. For more information please click here.


A SACDOT Tree Maintenance Crew removes a hazardous tree along a County maintained roadway.



Right of Way Management

Contracted landscape areas in Sacramento County includes areas where the property owners are assessed fees, such as a Landscape Maintenance District(LMD). The Contracted Landscape Area maps and information concerning service in a Contracted area is located below

Contract Landscape Management

California Department of Transportation(Caltrans) landscaped areas include freeways and highways, and their associated soundwalls and overpasses, within Sacramento County such as: Freeways 5, 50, 80, 99 and Highways 12, 16, 104 and 160. If you desire service concerning Caltrans maintenance please click the link below

California Department of Transportation

For services within the seven Sacramento County cities, please check the appropriate link below.

City of Sacramento

City of Isleton Chamber of

CommerceCity of Folsom

City of Galt

City of Elk Grove

City of Rancho Cordova

City of Citrus Heights

For services involving SMUD tree services check the link below


For services involving Pacific Gas and Electric tree services check the link below

PG&E tree trimming services



The above is an emergency situation. The roadway needs to be clear of emergency tree hazards for the safety of the public-pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

If you experience this type of emergency in the Unincorporated area of Sacramento County call 916-875-5171 or our 24 hour service line at 916-875-5000. Your call will be responded to promptly and the immediate hazard abated.

Rain or shine 24 hours a day












If you would like to generate a request for service concerning the SACDOT Tree and Landscape Maintenance Section please: Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at