State Route 99 @ Elverta Road Interchange 


Project Description

Construction for the State Route 99 @ Elverta Road Interchange project began in June 2012.  This project will replace the existing at-grade signalized intersection at this location. Major elements of this project include: 

  • Construction of a type L-9 partial cloverleaf interchange with ramp meters and HOV by-pass lanes on all freeway ramps. 
  • Reconstructing approximately 1 mile of Elverta Road to match the elevation of the bridge and to taper from 4-lanes on the bridge to 2-lanes on the existing roadway.
  • The new bridge will be wide enough to accommodate 4 lanes, bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
  • Relocate existing RD-1000 canals in all four quadrants.
  • The project also includes off-ramp terminus traffic signals.
  • Landscaping in the four quadrants of the interchange.


Preliminary Study: 2007-2008.
Design: 2008-2011.
Environmental: 2008-2009.
Right of Way Acquisition: 2010-2011.
Construction Completion: October 23, 2013 (open to public late afternoon).


The construction contract for this project is $17.9 million, and is funded by the Proposition 1B State Route 99 Bond program and Sacramento County Transportation Development Fees. 


Scott Werth, Senior Civil Engineer










































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