Watt Avenue @ US 50 Interchange 


Project Description

This project proposes to provide multi-modal improvements along one of the region's most critical transportation corridors, Watt Avenue. The segment of Watt Avenue between Kiefer Boulevard and Fair Oaks Boulevard includes a key link to the U.S. Highway 50 corridor and is adjacent to one of the few available crossings of the American River. Improvements proposed are based on the findings of the South Watt Area Transportation Study (SWATS), which developed a multi-modal transportation master plan for the southern Watt Avenue corridor.

This project will modify the existing interchange on US 50 at Watt Avenue in order to reduce congestion, install dedicated transit facilities, improve access and increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.  Modifications will include the following:

  • To improve motor vehicle traffic operations and reduce congestion, widening the existing Watt Avenue overcrossing at US 50 to add two additional through lanes and two auxiliary lanes over the freeway, add additional lanes for high occupancy vehicles to the freeway on-ramps, and widen and realign freeway off-ramps to terminate at Watt Avenue at two new signalized intersections.
  • To enhance transit facilities along the Watt Avenue corridor, adding a new dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane on Watt Avenue from north of the interchange to the existing light rail station at the corner of Folsom Boulevard and Watt Avenue.  The BRT lane includes special traffic signal features at the various intersections along Watt Avenue to facilitate efficient bus travel along the roadway.
  • To increase safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists, adding a continuous bicycle/pedestrian pathway separated from vehicular traffic along the east side of Watt Avenue between La Riviera Drive and Manlove Road.  This separated pathway will have  grade-separated undercrossings at the freeway ramps so that bicyclists and pedestrians will have no conflicts with vehicle traffic coming on or off the freeway.  The new pathway will have enhanced landscaping and lighting.
  • The geometry of the two intersections where ramps from Watt Avenue meet La Rivera Drive will be reconstructed to install corner extensions so as to shorten crosswalk distances and improve pedestrian safety.  The traffic signals at the various intersections within the projects will be modified to provide for detection of bicycle traffic and the installation of accessible pedestrian signals.  Other project features include the construction of sound walls, coordination of traffic signals, installation of improved street lighting, and modification of traffic signals to provide for accessible pedestrian signals.

The project is being closely coordinated with the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA), Sacramento City/County Bikeway Advisory Committee (SacBac), Caltrans, the City of Sacramento and with Sacramento Regional Transit's vision of BRT on Watt Avenue.


-Preliminary Study: 2002 to 2008.
-Environmental Review: 2004 to 2011.
-Design: 2010 to 2012.
-Right-of-Way Acquisition: 2010 to 2012.
-Construction: 2012 to 2014.


The estimated construction contract cost for this project is $22.6 million.  These improvements are funded by the State Corridor Mobility Improvement Account Project (CMIA), the State and Local Partnership Program (SLPP), and the County's Measure A Sales Tax Proceeds. 


For additional information or to provide a comment about the project contact:

Design Information

John Jaeger, Senior Civil Engineer
Department of Transportation
Phone: 916-874-7507

Anthony Voo, Associate Civil Engineer
Department of Transportation
Phone: 916-874-7871
Email: vooa@saccounty.net

Construction & Project Schedule Information

Kim Grigsby, Assistant R.E.
Construction Management & Inspection Division
Phone: 916-838-1260
Email: grigsbyki@saccounty.net

Chuck Percival, P.E
Construction Management & Inspection Division
Phone: 916-875-9501       Cell: 916-202-2229
Email: percivalc@saccounty.net

Jag Bains, Assistant P.E.
Construction Management & Inspection Division
Phone: 916-531-9220
Email: bainsj@saccounty.net

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Contact After Hours County Communications Center at 916-875-5000.